Sean Riddle

September 10th, 2012

Education and training

Ph.D. Computer Science (enrolled)

Currently enrolled in Ph.D. Computer Science, UC Davis, Advisor: Prof. Bertram Ludäscher, Dept. of Computer Science, UC Davis

Research area: Scientific workflows, provenance, logic programming


B. S. Computer Science & Engineering 2007, UC Davis College of Engineering

Minor: Music


Skills Summary

Programming Languages: Java, Python, C/C++

Operating Systems: MS Windows, Linux, MacOS X

Databases: MySQL, SQLite

Technical Skills:

  • Distributed computing including Hadoop MapReduce framework
  • Workflow modeling and development with Kepler including fault tolerance and provenance


Research Experience

Software Developer, Kepler scientific workflow system

Genome Center, UC Davis, CA

  • Worked closely with scientists to create workflows to handle automating repetitive tasks
  • Took part in the 3rd Provenance Challenge workshop

Fellow, Coastal, Atmospheric, and Marine Environmental Observing Studies (CAMEOS)

Bodega Marine Laboratory, Bodega, CA

  • Designed software for administering surveys to schoolchildren to facilitate scientific understanding
  • Work presented at GK-12 annual meeting (2012) and AAAS 2012

Database and Knowledge Systems Lab

  • Modeling and optimization of scientific workflow systems



Academic Surge room 2144