Spreadsheet Copy and Share

June 22nd, 2012

This page walks through how to configure actors to copy and share a spreadsheet.

SpreadsheetCopy Actor

This is the interface of SpreadsheetCopy actor:

After receiving auth toke and token secret, SpreadsheetCopy actor will make a copy of the specified spreadsheet, and name it with the value of “newSpreadsheetTitle” parameter:
 It will give the URL to the new spreadsheet in the end:

SpreadsheetShare Actor

This is the interface of SpreadsheetShare actor:

After configuration of “usersList” and “role”, this workflow will share the spreadsheet with the new users of the “role”, which could be either “writer” or “reader”.

In the end, URL will be given to pass on:

At the same time, the new users receives an email to notice the sharing:

There is a more complicated example of using copy and share actors: Biofuel Refinery Workflow