Koogle Package

June 23rd, 2012

Koogle: Google in Kepler.

Google cloud provides a powerful platform for online data storage, sharing, editing, computing and visualizing. After it is integrated with Google could, Kepler can outsource part of the tasks to Google services, like Google Spreadsheet, Google Doc, GMail, Google Visualization datasource. At the same, it is still the Kepler worklfow engine that orchestrates the tasks of the whole workflow, including Google-related and not-Google-related.

Regular Kepler actors are developed to access Google services:

  • Authorization

1st step to acquire access to Google services

  • Spreadsheet Operations

Various manipulations on Google Spreadsheet, like copy, share, import, export, query, audit.

  • Data Access

Google visualization datasource actor allows SQL-like access to Google cloud data

  • Mail Service

MailSender Actor supports sending email through SMTP with UserName/Password or OAuth token/secret.

There are some workflow examples about how to use Koogle package: