May 31st, 2012


Current Awards

Euler: A Logic-Based, Provenance-Aware System for Merging Scientific Data under Context and Classification Constraints. (NSF award IIS-1118088).

FilteredPush: Continuous Quality Control for Distributed Collections and Other Species-Occurrence Data. (NSF award DBI-0960535).

Kepler/CORE: Development of Kepler/CORE, a Comprehensive, Open, Robust, and Extensible Scientific Workflow Infrastructure (NSF award OCI-0722079).

SDM: Scientific Data Management Center (DOE award DE-FC02-07ER25811).

CAMEOS: Promoting Ocean Literacy Through CAMEOS: Coastal, Atmospheric, and Marine Environmental Observing Studies (NSF award DGE-0841297). The UC Davis, Bodega Marine Lab CAMEOS program builds on national ocean and science literacy initiatives, and broadens participation of under-represented graduate and K-12 students in inquiry-based science education

Past Awards

REAP: Management and Analysis of Environmental Observatory Data Using the Kepler Scientific Workflow System (NSF award EF-0619060).

pPOD: Core Database Technologies to Enable the Integration of AToL Information (NSF award IIS-0630033).

COMET: Coast-to-Mountain Environmental Transect (NSF award AGS-0619139).

ChIP2: A Collaborative Scientific Workflow Environment for Accelerating Genome-Scale Biological Research (NSF award IIS-0612326, see proposal overview and project status).

SEEK: Enabling the Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge (NSF awards DBI-0225674 and  DBI-0533368)

GEON: Research Project to Create Cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences (NSF award ITR-0225673).

ROADNET: Real-Time Data Aware System for Earth, Oceanographic, and Environmental Applications (NSF award ITR-0325963).

BIRN: Biomedical Informatics Research Network (Coordinating Center: BIRN-CC)